Tuesday Afternoon Inside Linebacker

fairleyALDLAND’s weekly football roundup is back, taking a look at all the highs and lows of the latest round of football action.

College Football


  • In anticipation of the LSU-UGA game, a secret-recipe cheesy bean dip was made. So much was made, in fact, that it lasted much longer than the game, although not quite as long as Georgia coach Mark Richt spent kissing his wife following a win over Kentucky.

The games:

  • LSU-Georgia was a thriller. Georgia continues to lose important players to injury, but it doesn’t seem to slow them down. This week, star running back Todd Gurley sprained his ankle in the second quarter, but backup Keith Marshall filled in and had a career day. In the end, the Dwags outgunned the Tigers 44-41 and are in the driver’s seat on the road to the SEC championship game in Atlanta.
  • I also thought Ole Miss-Alabama would be a good game, but it was not. The Rebels limited Alabama’s scoring early, but they were unable to do any scoring of their own, which is an easy-bake recipe for a loss. Ole Miss 0, Alabama 25.     Continue reading

Bubba Watson continues to be the best

The rules of golf coverage on ALDLAND are simple: keep it to things only tangentially related to the miserable game of golf, and feature people like Bubba Watson and Brandt Snedeker in those contexts whenever possible.

Watson is the defending Masters champion, and he’s a Georgia alum who, unlike his alma mater, has never had trouble maintaining his own, unique sense of style, thanks to things like his pink driver and homespun approaches to the game and haircuts.

As the internet discovered today, though, he really has ratcheted it up a notch in the leadup to his Masters defense:

What’s surprising is that this may not even be Watson’s most exciting vehicle.


Bill Murray, a character on course
Brandt Snedeker, a presence at tailgates
Urban golfing in Detroit
Jungle Bird
Bubba’s other ride

Bill Murray plays golf for the fans, both young and very old

I’m really only interested in golf when it intersects with non-golfing elements, although I’ve begun to find fan favorites Bubba Watson and Brandt Snedeker (with whom I technically tailgated at the Florida-Vandy game this fall) entertaining. There can be no greater favorite among fans than Bill Murray, though, right?

Bubba Watson now owns two prestigious pieces of American history

This evening, Bubba Watson added an Augusta National green jacket to his personal collection, which already includes the General Lee, pictured above.

Watson also owns one of the best shots ever hit, thanks to his effort on the second and final playoff hole, where he spun the ball out of the woods and onto the green, setting himself up for the win: