Bubba Watson continues to be the best

The rules of golf coverage on ALDLAND are simple: keep it to things only tangentially related to the miserable game of golf, and feature people like Bubba Watson and Brandt Snedeker in those contexts whenever possible.

Watson is the defending Masters champion, and he’s a Georgia alum who, unlike his alma mater, has never had trouble maintaining his own, unique sense of style, thanks to things like his pink driver and homespun approaches to the game and haircuts.

As the internet discovered today, though, he really has ratcheted it up a notch in the leadup to his Masters defense:

What’s surprising is that this may not even be Watson’s most exciting vehicle.


Bill Murray, a character on course
Brandt Snedeker, a presence at tailgates
Urban golfing in Detroit
Jungle Bird
Bubba’s other ride


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