The week in “sports”: 4/10/20

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From the Hey, We’re Trying Department:

  • Sports were cancelled again: Amidst alternatively gloomy and pie-in-the-sky loony outlooks shared on the prospect of the near-term return of anything not horse racing and NASCAR videogaming, the best hope– really– this week was UFC don Dana White’s proposal to stage MMA fights on a mysterious private island. Promptly after that story broke, the UFC announced the cancellation of its next round of scheduled fights. It also turns out White & Co. don’t actually own that island just yet. Meanwhile, plenty of viral bluster from a couple of college football’s biggest mouths, Mike “I’m a Man” Gundy and Dabo “Dabo” Swinney; NASCAR’s iRacing coverage insists on consistently using a very annoying term with regard to Bubba Wallace (not going to link that one); and MLB’s floated plan to play its 2020 season in the summer in the desert with lots of players and staff but no fans and no player or staff family members hits some too-obvious roadblocks. Also, Al Kaline died. More on him in a forthcoming post, but if you feel like just packing it in and trying again for sports in 2021, I won’t blame you.
  • A college basketball champion was crowned: The 2020 NCAA men’s basketball national championship game would have been Monday night, and the young cyborgs at FiveThirtyEight determined that, had it been played, it would have featured Michigan State and Kansas, with the Spartans prevailing to claim their third national championship in program history. (I couldn’t bear to read that article, so I’m sorry if it’s the wrong link.) In case you have the desire to empty an entire bag of Morton System Saver salt into your March Madness wound, here’s the site’s full projected 2020 bracket.
  • Other news: Chris Johnson maybe had two guys killed? And the Masters twitter account is posting pretty pictures and video highlights in memory of what would have been Masters week 2020.
  • Coming up: Previews indicate that Marshawn Lynch will return in Sunday night’s episode of Westworld.

Sports Law Roundup – 8/18/2017


I used to write the sports technology roundup at TechGraphs, an internet website that died, and now I am writing the sports law roundup at ALDLAND, an internet website.

Here is a top sports-related legal story from the past week:

  • Golf suit suit: On Monday, Augusta National Golf Club filed suit against an online auction memorabilia company in an attempt to halt sales of three of the club’s famous green jackets. According to the club, the jackets, which it issues to club members and winners of the Masters tournament, remain club property and may not leave the premises, with only one exception: the Masters winner may take his jacket off club grounds during the first year following presentment. The site claims to have for sale the 1966 Masters champion jacket issued to Byron Nelson, as well as member jackets belonging to John R. Butler, Jr. and George King. This list of club members USA Today published in 2002 names Butler and identifies him as a resident of Texas affiliated with J.R. Butler and Co., which appears to be an oil and gas consulting company. King’s name does not appear on the 2002 list, and reports on this lawsuit indicate that he was a member of the club only “briefly.” The auction site describes King as “an early Augusta National member from Wisconsin, never returned to Augusta National after” World War II. The auction company claims to have previously sold three other Masters champion jackets, including one belonging to the tournament’s first champion, Horton Smith, for almost $700,000 in 2013. There is no indication that the club sued the auction company in connection with any of its prior sales. Yesterday, a judge granted the club’s motion for a preliminary injunction halting the auction of the jackets, which the club alleges constituted stolen property.

Sports court is in recess.

Wrapping up the 2013 Masters

Just over a week ago, Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters, beating Angel Cabrera in a sudden-death playoff to claim the green jacket.  It’s true that such a playoff in a major golf tournament always is exciting, but the way we arrived at this one– Scott holding steady as numerous golfers faded back to (in Cabrera’s case) or below him on the leaderboard– felt a little anticlimactic. Still, among those leaders, Scott did the best job of holding steady while the course conditions did anything but, and after near-misses on his putts all day, he finally sunk them when he needed to on eighteen and the playoff hole.

A big thanks to guest blogger Luke Watson, who stopped by to lend ALDLAND the benefit of his golf acumen and insight as a guest blogger. (His posts are here and here.) Back at his own site, Hotdogs and Golf, he recently published a very thoughtful post-Masters post that’s worth your time.

While Luke’s collaboration with this site was the big media story of the tournament, another story about a broken golf collaboration has received almost no attention anywhere but these very pages. Continue reading

The 2013 Masters: Pimento Cheese is the New Hummus

masters menuGuest blogger Luke Watson is here this week to cover the Masters. Read his first post here. -Ed.

The Masters is known for many things but probably the most delectable item is the pimento cheese sandwich.  Now, I’m typically just about hot dogs and golf, but once a year I think it’s important to take a closer look at the snack that’s quickly making its way to parties all across this glorious land.

As a young boy growing up in Texas, I was accustomed to a nearly weekly pimento cheese sandwich. My mother would sometimes make her own version, using velveeta and shredded cheddar. On trips to the coast, we would stop off at the HEB and grab a tub of the good stuff, slather it on some wheat bread and get on down the road. Nothing says vacation in Texas like warm sandwiches, soggy tortilla chips, and a can of Dr. Pepper. But, this blog ain’t about Texas vacations, it’s about golf…

The Masters, apparently, has some mighty fine pimento cheese sandwiches. And, for a dollar fifty, it’s a heckuva deal. Those I’ve talked to tell me that they have a little more oniony kick than your typical southern style PCS, but they’re a great break from the sometimes awful heat and humidity. Coronas are a good option, too. Now, they come pre-made but I don’t think that’s all that awful — you’re there for the golf, not the freshness of the sandwich.

I’ve always said that if Old Crow whiskey is good enough for Ulysses S. Grant, it’s good enough for you. Same goes for pimento cheese. As a matter of fact, my favorite PCS recipe comes from Martha Stewart. It’s the Tabasco that does it. And, if Mrs. Stewart and the members of Augusta National Golf Club are fans, it’s fine for you to be one as well.

I brought some pimento cheese spread to a party a few weeks back. People were skeptical at first, until they tried it. And then they were all over the stuff. Made me proud. It’s definitely going to be a go-to for parties I attend in the future.

On the course, aside from a hotdog, it’s a fantastic choice for a mid-round snack. It’s benefits are many: it’s filling; it’s tasty; it stays together really nicely; and it can be scarfed down quickly.

A little update for those interested in golf and not pimento cheese:

  • It’s a pretty packed leaderboard. So far, my picks are doing ok.

    • Johnson: -5

    • Westwood: -2

    • Rose: -2

    • Dufner: E

    • Poulter: +4

  • The leaders are at -6. Who are they? It’s Sergio Garcia and Marc Leishman. It should be known that I have Sergio Garcia as a pick in my office pool because someone else picked Rose.

Luke is the author of Hotdogs and Golf, and he tweets @LukeGolf2012.

The 2013 Masters: My Picks…or Players to Watch

Guest blogger Luke Watson is here this week to cover the Masters. -Ed.

It’s Masters week – the one week a year when I stop bashing Hootie Johnson and the Augusta National Golf Club and just enjoy some smooth guitar and piano while sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a TV. It’s a great week.

Selecting a winner, for me anyways, always seems like a ridiculous thing to do. I used to pick a winner and then, through the whole tournament, be disappointed in my player’s apparent disregard for my feelings. So, a few years ago, I determined to pick a “team” — five guys that I would watch and root for. Life has been better since.

Here is my team:

  • Lee Westwood. I can’t help it; I love cheering for the guy that’s come close a lot. He deserves to win. He had a good showing in Houston and, while his short game (pitching in particular) is not the strongest part of his game, he’s a well-rounded player that has been in contention before. Add to the mix that he is proudly sponsored by UPS and you’ve got a possible champion.
  • Jason Dufner. Every time I hear his name, I think of Duff Beer and that makes me think of the Simpsons and that makes me happy. Plus, he’s got some serious game: straight hitter, reasonable putter, great attitude.
  • Justin Rose. This is the second (and not the last) of my mostly English team. Look, since 1998, he’s been a mainstay in the majors…not intended to be a factual statement. If he wins this weekend, he’ll likely just continue racking up majors and big tournament wins.
  • Dustin Johnson.
  • Ian Poulter. I liked him before last year’s Ryder Cup, and I’ve loved him since. Anyone who’s ever spoken to me knows that I have a real thing for the European Team. I like their style, I like their attitude, I like their drive. Ian basically is the European Team – like Seve and Jose before him. I don’t know if he’s got the game that suits Augusta, but I know that he’s gotta be in the top 10 at the end of the week.

There you have it. My top five. Who’s missing?

Luke is the author of Hotdogs and Golf, and he tweets @LukeGolf2012.

Introducing ALDLAND’s special Masters coverage

As I’ve written many times, our golf coverage is limited to ancillary matters like hovercrafts, mustaches, Jungle Bird, and the Dukes of Hazzard. With one of the most anticipated iterations of the Masters starting today, though, we thought it would be appropriate to bring in a guest blogger to cover the tournament in earnest.

Starting later this morning, Luke Watson of Hotdogs and Golf will share, from his experienced perspective, his insight on the 2013 Masters. Stay tuned.

Bubba Watson continues to be the best

The rules of golf coverage on ALDLAND are simple: keep it to things only tangentially related to the miserable game of golf, and feature people like Bubba Watson and Brandt Snedeker in those contexts whenever possible.

Watson is the defending Masters champion, and he’s a Georgia alum who, unlike his alma mater, has never had trouble maintaining his own, unique sense of style, thanks to things like his pink driver and homespun approaches to the game and haircuts.

As the internet discovered today, though, he really has ratcheted it up a notch in the leadup to his Masters defense:

What’s surprising is that this may not even be Watson’s most exciting vehicle.


Bill Murray, a character on course
Brandt Snedeker, a presence at tailgates
Urban golfing in Detroit
Jungle Bird
Bubba’s other ride

Bubba Watson now owns two prestigious pieces of American history

This evening, Bubba Watson added an Augusta National green jacket to his personal collection, which already includes the General Lee, pictured above.

Watson also owns one of the best shots ever hit, thanks to his effort on the second and final playoff hole, where he spun the ball out of the woods and onto the green, setting himself up for the win: