Coaching changes are happening everywhere these days, and by everywhere we mean in Detroit and San Francisco or Oakland or wherever the heck Golden State is. And since they are happening, ALDLAND is going to talk about them. But we haven’t forgot college hoops, as we touch on the biggest story of 2014, coming out of New Haven, CT. Come for the basketball, stay for the soccer, which is also here in this podcast too.


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Steve Kerr to conduct TNT’s acid-jazz approach to the NBA

USA Today reports that TNT is experimenting with an “all analyst” approach to its NBA broadcasts. On Thursday, former NBA players Steve Kerr, Chris Webber, and Reggie Miller will broadcast the Thunder-Warriors game without a play-by-play announcer. Although all three have national broadcasting experience, Kerr has been tabbed (by the network?) to “act as ‘point man leading us to breaks. Maybe a little bit of a traffic cop if the game calls for it. It is more like three former players having a round table (discussion) almost during the game.'”

The concept intrigues me, and I am glad TNT is willing to experiment with the traditional broadcast formula, but I was wondering why Kerr was designated as the one to steer the broadcast, until I remembered his role in anchoring another all-star trio.

steve kerr chris wood

The Wood Brothers?

More hear.

Whatever the reason, Carmelo Anthony Is hurting the Knicks

Or perhaps the passive voice is appropriate here: The Knicks are being hurt by Carmelo Anthony. Observe:

With fifty-four playoff games played, this isn’t the result of a small sample size.

What’s harder to know is whether Anthony is to blame or if he’s the anti-Steve Kerr. If it’s the former, which everybody thinks, that’s pretty bad. If it’s the latter, though, Anthony should retire right now and become a general manager.

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The real reason Carmelo Anthony is hurting the Knicks