Coaching changes are happening everywhere these days, and by everywhere we mean in Detroit and San Francisco or Oakland or wherever the heck Golden State is. And since they are happening, ALDLAND is going to talk about them. But we haven’t forgot college hoops, as we touch on the biggest story of 2014, coming out of New Haven, CT. Come for the basketball, stay for the soccer, which is also here in this podcast too.


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1 thought on “ALDLAND Podcast

  1. Enjoyed the thorough dive on the Yale story. Two additional comments:

    1) I’m not so confident he could return to basketball after making it big with Brendan’s boy Bangs.

    2) A discussion of the aesthetic merits of a capella ensemble music needs to be a part of this conversation. These groups are popular on college campuses because, with the exception of a few stallwart novelty acts, they could exist nowhere else. I’m worried that a singing basketball team quitter will resonate less with Bangs than a singing basketball team. Perhaps the greatest accessible Yale glory here begins when the Whiffenpoofs go out for basketball tryouts.

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