Going to the vault to preview LSU & Florida

Being in existence for little more than a year, there really isn’t much of an “ALDLAND Vault” at this point, but week six necessitates a new approach to game previews. There wasn’t much in the way of top-25 matchups last weekend, but it’s a different story this weekend. Some highlights, in chronological order:

Alabama and Michigan in Big D

Brendan is in Dallas for this game, but he refused to preview it for ALDLAND because he didn’t “want to jinx anything like I did with Barca in the champs league,” whatever that means. The only thing I don’t want to jinx is the chance that the earth under the megastadium opens up and swallows both teams, and I don’t think a quick preview of the game will do that.

Another person who fears no jinx is Floyd Mayweather, who apparently put $3 million on Michigan to cover the fourteen-point spread. If anything could jinx an outcome, it would seem to be publicly betting $3 million on that outcome.

Operating with a far lower budget, here’s a video preview of tonight’s game:

If you’re still with me and care at this point what I think about the game, it’s that I can’t see a path to victory for Michigan. I may have a blind spot in that regard, but let’s be real: Alabama’s going to win. The only question is whether Floyd Mayweather will win too.

Twitcruiting, or, Oklahoma Has The Internet Now

Jay Norvell is a co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach for the University of Oklahoma. Ricky Seals-Jones is a four-star recruit who is expected to commit to the University of Texas tomorrow.

I saw the above in the @ALDLANDia twitter feed a few moments ago. Assuming it was real, it since has been deleted. Further assuming it was real, it strikes me as all kinds of problematic.

As I’m writing this, SB Nation confirms that the above tweet was real and that Seals-Jones wasn’t the only recruit to receive such a message.

C-3P-No: Chris Paul, David Stern, the fourth wall, and McCulloch v. Maryland

In a matter of hours last night, the following events occurred, in sequence, beginning around 8:00 Eastern:

  1. The Hornets, Rockets, and Lakers agree to a trade that would send Chris Paul (aka CP3) to Los Angeles, Lamar Odom, Louis Scola, Kevin Martin, and Goran Dragic to New Orleans, and Pau Gasol to Houston. Or something like that.
  2. The NBA and the re-formed players’ association finalize the new collective bargaining agreement, officially ending the lockout.
  3. David Stern, on behalf of the league, nullified the trade for “basketball reasons.”

In trying to understand what happened here, citing “basketball reasons” is pretty unhelpful. I suppose it’s preferable to “bocce ball reasons,” but still. Stern ostensibly was acting on behalf of small-market owners, including Cleveland’s Dan Gilbert, who objected to the deal. What he won’t tell you in this conversation, but everyone else knows, is that the league owns the Hornets. Keep reading…

It’s all over for Joe Paterno

Sixty-one years of coaching end like this, what Deadspin calls Joe Paterno’s Nixon-boarding-a-helicopter moment:

Here’s video of the strange press conference at which Paterno’s firing was announced:

EDSBS has a “transcript” of that press conference.

Videos of the student riots are not difficult to locate.

Late-breaking Friday textual jam

Because I’ve probably expended my office audio-listening capital for the day on baseball clips, and because I’ve used up most of my seasonal and Friday-themed songs for the moment, here’s a textual jam to lighten the mood on a Friday afternoon. Inspired by the Georgia Tech football coach’s call to get more students in the stands during games, EDSBS (more on Magalan‘s other favorite sports blog in a future post) profiled an All The Way Turnt Up interaction between the coach and one GT student: