Going to the vault to preview LSU & Florida

Being in existence for little more than a year, there really isn’t much of an “ALDLAND Vault” at this point, but week six necessitates a new approach to game previews. There wasn’t much in the way of top-25 matchups last weekend, but it’s a different story this weekend. Some highlights, in chronological order:

  • Kansas at #7 Kansas State
  • #24 Northwestern (a.k.a. “The Great Northern Hope”) at Penn State
  • #4 LSU at #10 Florida
  • Iowa State at #15 TCU
  • Wake Forest at Marylandoksorryjoking
  • Louisiana-Monroe at Middle Tennessee (not joking about that one)
  • #5 UGA at #6 South Carolina
  • #8 West Virginia at #11 Texas
  • Rice at Memphis (okjoking again but I saw this game once)
  • #23 Washington at #2 Oregon

Quick thoughts on these games:

  1. Bleeding Kansas!
  2. Northwestern is the only undefeated, eligible team left in the Big Ten. That is a fact.
  3. (See below.)
  4. Why did I include that?
  5. Skip.
  6. Most underrated game of the day.
  7. The battle for the right to play Alabama in the SEC championship. This will be the best game of the week to feature visor throwing.
  8. Highest-powered offense vs. alleged defense.
  9. Close call: Instead, read this excerpt of a book by a guy who once spent time across the river from Memphis.
  10. Washington will be unranked next week.

Now, To The Vault!

Like I said, there really isn’t a vault. ALDLAND is a website, and all the content, with rare exception, is nontangible and kept exclusively online. The vault is just a construct, sort of like the cloud, which is the internet.

Anyway, I did look in our vault, and I did find this photo I took from last year’s Florida-LSU game, and records reveal my detailed report of that game: “Florida never was in it against LSU.” That’s it, actually.

Other people with more extensive vaults and generally more interesting things to write have highlighted this game too. EDSBS’ Spencer Hall has reviewed the history of LSU and Florida as he’s seen it over the last few years, and he’s pinpointed this matchup as the one that’s done the most to develop LSU coach Les Miles into the character we today know him to be.

A side comment early in the EDSBS piece sent me tunneling into another vault, this one belonging to the venerable Washington Post. Of Miles’ first year in Baton Rouge Hall wrote: “At one point, Fats Domino was sleeping on Jamarcus Russell’s couch, which is now even weirder in retrospect than it was at the time.” Strange, and true:

BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 2 — New Orleans music legend Antoine “Fats” Domino survived Hurricane Katrina, but he’s still unsure, he said Friday, about how he’ll survive its aftermath.

Domino spent the last three nights sleeping on a couch in the two-bedroom, Baton Rouge apartment of Louisiana State starting quarterback JaMarcus Russell, a distant family friend. Domino left the apartment Friday afternoon with his wife, Rosemary, two daughters and a son-in-law. He had no idea, he said, where he would go next.

“We’ve lost everything,” said Domino, 77. “I don’t know what we’re going to do. I never wanted to leave.”

Domino didn’t contact anybody in the three days after the hurricane.

Little did the family know that Russell, who said he’d met Domino once before through a girlfriend, had welcomed Domino and his family into an apartment already crowded with more than 15 people.

“Fats just stayed at my apartment, rested, watched the news,” the sophomore quarterback said. “I’ve had people sleeping on the floor, the couch, everywhere. It’s been pretty crazy.”

“Without JaMarcus, it would have been even worse,” Domino said.

Only a few years later, a distressed Al Davis would say not the same thing.


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