Friday Roundup

  • R.I.P. Dick Trickle. He wasn’t Cole’s biological father, but it makes no difference, and he certainly wasn’t any kind of new school driver. As sure as rubbin’ is racin’, the hammer had to drop one final time for Trickle, but this isn’t how we expected it to happen. To the best of the Midwest:

  • The Texas Rangers parted ways with Josh Hamilton in the offseason, apparently to no ill effect, having already opened up a seven-game lead in the AL West, with Hamilton’s Angels twelve games back. I’m not a huge Hamilton fan, so that’s all well and good for Texas. What wasn’t all well and good, though, was the way the Rangers shelled Justin Verlander last night, knocking him around for the worst inning of his major league career, and serving him his shortest outing since 2010.
  • Another year, another musician contributing an unofficial fight song to his or her preferred sports team. Last year, the Flaming Lips gave Oklahoma City and the world “Thunder Up.” This year, the Memphis Grizzlies defeated a Thunder team that had lost James Harden and Russell Westbrook in five games, and it was DJ Paul, one half of Memphis’ own Three 6 Mafia, who came out with a new Grizz anthem, “We Don’t Bluff”:


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