Aldland is back with another podcast, talking about all of the hottest issues in the sports world. On tap this week is discussion of a possible new football league to rival the NCAA and a discussion on what impact David Beckham has made on soccer in the United States. Get at it, and tweet at us with ideas for discussions for future podcasts so I can stop browsing Reddit more than I already do.


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3 thoughts on “ALDLAND Podcast

  1. This is a good podcast you guys. On the college football superconference topic, I think it would be great to have seasons where every game was a major matchup, and I agree with you guys that that’s in reach. I’m more worried that the NCAA could pull the men’s basketball tournament, though, and as a fan of both sports, I think that’d be too high a price to pay.

    On the future of soccer in America, I don’t think we can rely solely on children’s programming. Marcus said he sees youth soccer in his hometown as a more recent development. In my experience, youth soccer has been strong for two decades, but the trickle-up effect, while real, has been pretty slow. I think an apt comparison you guys didn’t mention is tennis, which tracks soccer somewhat well in terms of developing youth interest and the more rigorous training schools overseas.

    Glad to hear you both back on the mics.

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