Flying Tigers: Closing Time?

Detroit sought The Answer once before, late in his life, but he brought only questions. Now, Joe Nathan is supposed to be Detroit’s answer to the clown show that was 2013 Jose Valverde. Through one third of the season, though, Joe is looking a lot like Jose.

Before Detroit canned him for the last time, Papa Grande pitched 19.1 innings for the 2013 Tigers. To date, Nathan has pitched 20.2 innings for the 2014 Tigers. Their numbers are eerily similar:


(Click to enlarge. Numbers from BaseballReference.)

Last year, the team cut Valverde loose in the middle of the season, handing the closer job to the very capable former eighth-inning man, Joaquin Benoit. Could something similar happen this season? Joba Chamberlain has firmly grasped the eighth-inning reins at this point, and he could shift into the closer, perhaps once Joel Hanrahan is ready for big-league action. If Brad Ausmus doesn’t at least start to experiment with his approach to the ninth inning, though, Anibal Sanchez, who has lost two gems in one week due in large part to Nathan’s mistakes, may take matters into his own hands.

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Flying Tigers: Closing the Book on 2013

Rock and Roll never forgets, and neither does ALDLAND. Last season, I took a look at whether the Tigers struggled to score later in games, a trend that, if shown and in combination with the team’s bullpen woes, would make comeback wins less likely. While the preliminary numbers suggested I was onto something, the trend appeared even more pronounced with one-hundred games’ worth of data. The purpose of this post is to make good on the promise implicit in that last one by completing the full season’s worth of data.

First, an aside on data collection. I previously gathered and organized these inning-by-inning run totals by hand because I didn’t realize Baseball Reference actually tracks that information. In order to maintain the same error potential, and because B-R doesn’t separate the runs/inning between wins and losses, I’ve updated (a simplified version of) my chart as I did before.

r-in 2013

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Blogging About Blogging, vol. 40

We’re not in any way opposed to meta coverage here at ALDLAND. Blogging about blogging is basically our bread and butter. (We also cover blogging about blogging about bloggingblogging about writingblogging about writing about writingwriting about blogging, and writing about writing.) That’s why I’m glad to accept, on ALDLAND’s behalf, a Liebster Award nomination from the good folks at Musings of a Displaced Tigers Fan. Another, actual reason is that I have been a fan of their work since I first found their site last year. It’s the perfect online place for fans of the Detroit Tigers who find themselves living somewhere outside the reach of the Tigers Radio Network. This season, they’ve upped their game by increasing the volume and breadth of their Tigers coverage, and through a very impressive visual overhaul of their site.

The idea behind this nomination concept is to draw attention to strong web content that doesn’t currently draw a lot of attention, and it’s pretty cool that these DTF guys thought enough of our site to loop us into the game. Part of the drill is answering some questions they sent along. Here goes:      Continue reading