Blogging About Blogging, vol. 40

We’re not in any way opposed to meta coverage here at ALDLAND. Blogging about blogging is basically our bread and butter. (We also cover blogging about blogging about bloggingblogging about writingblogging about writing about writingwriting about blogging, and writing about writing.) That’s why I’m glad to accept, on ALDLAND’s behalf, a Liebster Award nomination from the good folks at Musings of a Displaced Tigers Fan. Another, actual reason is that I have been a fan of their work since I first found their site last year. It’s the perfect online place for fans of the Detroit Tigers who find themselves living somewhere outside the reach of the Tigers Radio Network. This season, they’ve upped their game by increasing the volume and breadth of their Tigers coverage, and through a very impressive visual overhaul of their site.

The idea behind this nomination concept is to draw attention to strong web content that doesn’t currently draw a lot of attention, and it’s pretty cool that these DTF guys thought enough of our site to loop us into the game. Part of the drill is answering some questions they sent along. Here goes:     

  • For me, blogging started as a way to replace the face-to-face conversations I used to have before I was a displaced fan. What got you started on blogging?

I set out the original concept here, but briefly, the idea was to put together a creative group project that would allow people to contribute easily, without having to do too much pre-writing work. Sports seemed like the most accessible topic, and we round things out with musicmoviestelevisionmade-up stuff, whatever. Commodawg also has discussed the conversational aspect of what we’re trying to do.

  • How did you start following your favorite team? In other words, what factors led you to choose the team you love most today?

Like a lot of folks, I’m probably best understood as a born-again Tigers fan. I was born and grew up in Michigan, so I was a nominal Tigers fan from day one. They were so rotten during my baseball-card-collecting days, though, that I probably was more a fan of the sport than of any particular team. When the Red Wings were ascendant beginning in the late-1990s, I mostly dropped everything else for hockey, sports-wise. (That’s also the time I really began to find my way in the music world.) The Tigers’ 2006 World Series run brought me back on board, though, and I’ve been there to an increasing degree ever since. As a footnote, I’ll add that going to many West Michigan Whitecaps games, beginning in their inaugural (1994) season helped sustain the connection, particularly once they became affiliated with the Tigers.

  • What do you love most about going to a baseball game?

My favorite thing about attending games may be being part of the crowd. I realize that the cool thing for sports bloggers to do is denounce The Wave as mindless and distracting, post rules for who can wear what when to games, and enforce protocols for determining the teams for which you may and may not cheer. If you don’t want to be “distracted” by The Wave, or if you need everybody to follow your made-up rules in order for you to be at the game, everyone will be happier if you just stay home. Attending a Tigers game is a treat, especially for those of us living far away from Detroit. There’s no reason not to embrace the festive atmosphere at and around Comerica Park. There will be 161 other opportunities to absorb the game in your sterile baseball bunker. Enjoy a sunny afternoon out. Have a few pops. Do the wave. High five friends and strangers after a home run. Stand and clap with 40,000 other fans in support of whatever emotionally fragile closer the Tigers have hired to handle the ninth. Flow out into the streets and celebrate a win. It’s not complicated.

  • Imagine a world where there is no baseball. How does humanity survive?

Slamball was the answer you were looking for here, right?

  • Go and visit the blog of the other nominee, Midnight Baseball. What’s the first cool thing you notice about the site?

I like the concept, stated right up front: West Coast baseball covered by East Coast insomniacs. That tells me two things right away: 1) they’re displaced fans of their teams too, and 2) they’ve made a decision to alter their lives in pursuit of a fun project with friends.


At this point, it’s my turn to pass the baton. Sticking with the baseball theme, I’m nominating Cameron Kaiser of T-Town Tiger, because I think it’s time to hear from a younger blogger. I discovered Cameron’s website this year, and his article on recent Tigers pitching acquisition Joel Hanrahan was the best one I’ve seen on that story.


I’d like to conclude this exercise by mentioning the now-hibernating Vanderbilt Sports Line, the site that first made me realize that writing about sports online was possible, fun, and challenging, and linking to an earlier post by Taylor Sorrels (Anything But Gatorade), who took a break from bourbon and basketball to offer his thoughtful, relevant perspective.


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