Two girls, one Jam

I’m getting ready to slide out of work and slide into an evening of outdoor music featuring two fine ladies, Mavis Staples and Bonnie Raitt. Here they are in reverse order, Bonnie with one of her biggest hits, and Mavis discussing my favorite album of hers:


Mavis Staples at Hangout Fest
Bonnie Raitt with Bruce Hornsby

That’s Just The Way It Is: Bruce Hornsby’s Kid Can Get Up (via rush the court)

All-world junior may not be pulling up from downtown, but he is capable of going with a windmill reverse jam off the bounce.  Check out Keith Hornsby, a freshman guard at UNC Asheville, who also happens to be the basketball-playing child of the three-time Grammy winner.

At UNCA’s Midnight Madness event on Friday night, the Oak Hill product wowed his teammates and the small assembled crowd with his hops, no doubt honed through years of shooting hoops and running drills in the Tidewater gyms with dad (a fairly accomplished area baller when not touring with the Grateful Dead or selling millions of jazz albums).  Keith’s favorite player is Stephen Curry, another son of a famous father, but he’s already got the former Davidson star in the jumping category.  His game consists of a strong jumper and is modeled after another former Virginian star, Duke’s JJ Redick.

Keith’s brother, Russell, matriculated at Oregon this fall as an elite middle-distance runner.  According to this article from The Roanoke Times, Bruce is proud of where his progeny have ended up: “We’ve got both our kids going to two of the great hippie towns in America. They can let their freak flag fly in Asheville and Eugene. All the Deadheads in Asheville and Eugene can come and root for the son of the guy who played with Jerry.”  Spoken like a true rock superstar. … Read More (video embedded)

(via rush the court)


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The above article references Hornsby’s
The Old Playground, but he had another, more popular song I always thought was about basketball too. Here’s a short clip of that tune by his Noisemakers, featuring Bonnie Raitt: