Multidirectional Jam

Two fine bits of musical interaction made themselves known this week, and because neither are, so far as I can figure, embeddable, I’ll offer links to both of them.

The first Jam is multigenerationally interactive, just not for you. Watch it here.

The second is an all time great, and you get to play along. Click here (and keep clicking).


Slow Jam Friday

Things have been a little slow around here this week. Really it has been the slowest week in the history of ALDLAND. To make it up to you, I present three Friday jams for your enjoyment.

First up is one of my favorite slow jams (apologies for the visuals):

In preparing this, my thoughts first went to the Jimmy Fallon/The Roots feature in which they slow jam the news (the latest edition of which appears to be here), and, as it turns out, The Roots have a new album:

Finally, I’m on the road this weekend tracking Root Glen, and this cut off what may have been the first CD I ever owned sets the theme: