Let’s see action! Tennis > Baseball > Football?

Entering that time of year when baseball and football overlap, I was reminded of the mostly uninteresting sports superiority debate, one football usually wins because of its media popularity and perception that it offers a lot more action than the other sports. It’s pointless to swim against the tide of football supremacy, but is it really true that a football game offers more action than a baseball game?

I found myself reevaluating this question while flipping between baseball and football games on college football’s opening weekend, simultaneously enticed by shiny football and entranced by the playoff potential of my favorite and local baseball teams. Baseball seems slow, of course, and there’s no clock. Most of the time, though, a televised baseball game takes as much time to complete as a televised football game. As a comparison of these two random articles indicates, MLB games actually tend to consume less time than NFL games. The nature of the gameplay is what it is, but a fan is going to spend the same amount of time– roughly three hours– watching a game of one or the other.

We can go deeper and wider, though. Fewer Americans watch tennis than either the official or unofficial national pastimes, but even men’s tennis matches (played as the best of five sets, rather than the women’s best of three) tend to take less time than baseball or football. Moreover, as a set of recent Wall Street Journal studies conclude, it’s tennis– not baseball or football– that packs the most action per match or game.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s see action! Tennis > Baseball > Football?

  1. GREAT post. I am a football and a baseball fan and I have been saying the same thing as you are. Most people hate baseball first and foremost because they say it takes too long but baseball games on average are about the same length as football. The hitting is why most people like it more but the reason to hate baseball because the games are too long are just stupid. Loved reading this man this was a unique post.

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I agree that some people are just going to like some sports better than others, but I think it’s worth pointing out that pace and time factors simply aren’t legitimate bases for that differentiation.

      • Exactly they are just dumb arguments but I love when people say “baseball takes too long” because I can usually just make them look stupid haha. No problem man as I said before this was a unique post. Never would have thought to write about this.

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