College Football Week One: POLL

pollingPolling dominates college football. Setting aside pure profit motives, everything that happens in college football is intended to improve a team’s ranking in “the polls.” The Associated Press has a poll. The “coaches” have a poll. Harris has a poll. Computers– including a computer named after the member of the J. Geils Band who served as the inspiration for the first face of– have polls. In other words, everybody but ALDLAND has a college football poll. Until now.

Introducing college football’s newest poll, the ALDLAND poll. The ALDLAND poll is a clear voice for unassailable college football rankings. The voters are the subscribers, readers, listeners, lost googlers, and drive-by image-lifters of this website, and unlike most college football polls, which are bound to the singular mission of ranking the top teams in the country according to their on-field performance, the question this poll definitively answers likely will be different each week.


After all that throat-clearing, the best thing to do is allow this poll to speak for itself:


Please enter your vote below:


6 thoughts on “College Football Week One: POLL

  1. Analysis: Wisconsin wins week one, with 60% of the voters supporting the Badgers. One theory, Ole Miss supporters split their votes between the above option and the memory of this one, from two years ago:

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