Songs of Summer (via Jazz Backstory)

The summer season has provided inspiration for both popular and classical compositions for centuries. One of the earliest examples, circa 1260, is the English Medieval round “Sumer is Icumen In.” The translation from Middle English shows us that thirteenth century songwriters were motivated by the activities of summer. Sly Stone was similarly inspired in his 1969 hit “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” and a verse from each song seamlessly spans the centuries:
From “Sumer is Icumen In”:
            Summer has come in, loudly sing cuckoo
            The seed grows and the meadow blooms and the world springs anew
From “Hot Fun in the Summertime”:
            Boop boopa boop when I want to, out of school
            County fair in the country sun and everything is cool.

Instrumental music has its share of summer songs as well. … Keep Reading

(via Jazz Backstory)