Queen Jam

Aretha Franklin died this week in Detroit at the age of seventy-six. Her accomplishments are too many and great to capture here in words, at least mine anyway. Remembrances from Doc Woods and Patterson Hood follow related selections from her soulful catalogue.

It was just two months ago that Franklin appeared in this space in a clip memorializing her Blues Brothers scene-mate Matt “Guitar” Murphy, who passed in June. Naturally, that scene, like any other in which Franklin appeared (e.g., supra), belonged to Franklin.    Continue reading

Studio Jam

This one is pretty self-explanatory, if non-compositional in the contextual sense. Somewhat interestingly, though probably unsurprisingly knowing the evolution of the place and its people, or maybe the state of modern music, the Black Keys weren’t super keen on their experience recording Brothers there (it seems the feeling was, to some extent, mutual). It also drives one to wonder to what extent a given studio is in any way important to musicians today. Still, the house band forever will be enshrined in lore, thanks to their neighbors to the Florida, and the music made there is some of the best of all time. In case you’d forgotten:

HT: Steve Winwood