Even a broken clock is right sometimes: Michigan State to #2 in the AP Poll

I have to agree, because the man said what I’ve been saying for a week now: Michigan State looks like the best team in the country at this moment. Both teams in the Oregon-MSU game looked better than anything the SEC had to offer through the first two weeks of the season.

Week three saw the Spartans struggle against Air Force’s triple-option offense, but, one has reason to expect, that data point will have little meaning going forward. Meanwhile, Georgia dominated South Carolina in what easily was the Dawgs’ best game of the year, and Ole Miss made it two straight over Alabama.

The Black Bears’Rebels’ win certainly was exciting, and it’s led some to argue that they deserve the top AP spot. Their sixty-four points per game and undefeated record that includes a win in Tuscaloosa merit a top-tier ranking, but home wins over UT-Martin and Fresno State aren’t terribly revealing.

Terribly revealing? Missouri’s ugly win over UCONN is a strong indication that the two-time SEC East champions are unlikely to defend their consecutive division titles in Atlanta this December. Ohio State had a similarly weak victory over Northern Illinois, but those Huskies are better than the ones from New England, and the Buckeyes’ recent track record suggests they’ll be fine going forward.


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Garbage Time debuts with Adam Carolla unchained

Fox Sports 1’s newest show is a weekly program hosted by Katie Nolan. Based on the debut episode, which aired Sunday night at 9:30 and is available in its entirety here, the program will mix “Weekend Update”-style headlines with Olbermann-like short commentary segments, and guest conversations. We already know from her extensive online work and role on the late Crowd Goes Wild that Nolan can be both funny and precisely critical.

What remains to be seen is whether she can use her growing influence to draw good guests. If the premiere episode is any indication, this shouldn’t be a problem either. The first guest was FS1 NFL guy and (possibly former) BlackBerry user Peter Schrager, who seemed to succeed at 1) avoiding the use of his chair’s right armrest, and 2) convincing Nolan that wild wheeling and dealing during the NFL offseason is a good thing. Next up was Adam Carolla, who reportedly and completely believably “spoke at” Nolan for the better part of an hour to fill a five-minute segment, which is embedded above. Schrager and Carolla were good first-episode guests because they are interesting and entertaining, but also because they are used to carrying their own segments, ensuring that there would be no lulls in the conversation.

Garbage Time airs Sunday nights at 9:30 on Fox Sports 1.