Ray Rice’s suspension in context

In news today that was mostly (but not totally) condemned as tone-deaf and inappropriate, the NFL suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games, but no preseason games, practices, or training camp activities, and docked his pay for a third game, for beating his then-fiancee, Janay, until she was unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator at an Atlantic City casino this February. That the NFL has a serious domestic abuse problem became frighteningly clear at Rice’s post-beating press conference (which I unfortunately had to highlight here). Today’s mild sanction did nothing to change that nauseating narrative.

Deadspin put together a list of “other notable NFL suspensions,” which offers some context for Rice’s two-game sanction. If you want to read the list, with all of the details and circumstances, it’s available here. I’ve attempted to distill the list to the basics below.    Continue reading

The ends of their ropes?

The sports world finds itself with a couple of active streaks that are starting to reach lengths that make people a little antsy. New Patriots DL Albert Haynesworth hasn’t been in practice since last week, Titans running back Chris Johnson continues to hold out as part of a contract bargaining strategy, and, in more positive news, Braves infielder Dan Uggla extended his consecutive-game hitting streak to 31.

The question is, which run will be the first to end?

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