Surprise: One Fox News segment reminds me of another Fox News segment

We don’t really do politics around here, and mention of any of the major cable news channels tends to operate as mere verbal code for divisive political partisanship. Some of you reading this probably hate Fox News. I propose that even those of you who fall into that group would have to admit that there are producers working at that channel who have a sense of humor. Or maybe it’s just me, the person who always thought The Colbert Report wasn’t as funny as its parodied target, The O’Reilly Factor.

If you’re still with me, enjoy this segment from last night’s The Ingraham Angle, “Millennial Vaper Faces Off With Doctor“:

The segment instantly reminded me of one that aired on Fox News Live twelve years ago:

Laura Ingraham closed out last night’s vaping debate by saying, “We’re going to check in with Tommy Smokes in about six years and see how he’s doing.” If you have the same questions about Lydia and Craig from the streaking segment, which aired in 2006, I’m happy to report that one’s a published author and the other is a surgeon.

The ends of their ropes?

The sports world finds itself with a couple of active streaks that are starting to reach lengths that make people a little antsy. New Patriots DL Albert Haynesworth hasn’t been in practice since last week, Titans running back Chris Johnson continues to hold out as part of a contract bargaining strategy, and, in more positive news, Braves infielder Dan Uggla extended his consecutive-game hitting streak to 31.

The question is, which run will be the first to end?

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