A Winning Super Bowl QB Comp.

Do you know who owns these two Super-Bowl-winning quarterback stat lines?


I’ll give you a hint:  

One of them belongs to Trent Dilfer, long-recognized as the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and the other belongs to Peyton Manning.


Now that you have endured that photograph and a brief moment of internal deliberation, be informed that the lines above are in chronological order, beginning with Dilfer’s Super Bowl XXXV win in 2001 and concluding with Manning’s Super Bowl 50 win two days ago.

Doesn’t look too good for the middle Manning child, who turned in a performance that, by the numbers (from left to right, those categories are pass completions, pass attempts, pass yards, touchdown passes, interceptions, sacks, length of longest completed pass, fumbles, and fumbles lost), clearly is inferior to Dilfer’s essentially in every respect.

It’s highly unlikely that the NFL mythmaking machine ever will allow us to think of The Sheriff’s Last Ride the same way we do Dilfer’s Super Coattail-Ride, especially if #SB50 really was Manning’s last game. The numbers tell their own story, though, and, at a minimum, that story probably should include an Elway-tinged retirement in short order– once Peyton comes to from the Bud Lite/Papa John’s hangover, anyway.


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