Cougar dating tips from Mike Leach

leachForget what you read at Kim’s Hallmark. We all know that fall makes a great time to jump into the dating scene. But what if you’re a guy in need of a little help with planning a first date? If you’re a Washington State student looking to hit the ground running in Pullman, you’re in luck.

We already know that WSU head coach Mike Leach likes the cougars, but this is a generous helping of advice even by his standards. At Monday’s press conference, Leach opined on first-date strategy in Pullman:

Try to have somewhere where there’s not salad, because girls will try to show off and act like all they eat is salad, so try to put them somewhere where they’re in a position where they have to put real food in their mouth. They want to do that thing where they only pick at salads and stuff like that, so once you get past that, because that’s sort of a speed bump in the whole thing, you want to get past that immediately. I would go to Black Cypress if you really want to make a good impression. If you want just good, solid food and aren’t as into the atmosphere, I’d go to Mongolian Fire, which I really like. So one of those two. But if you go to the more  high-end Black Cypress I’d talk to Nick beforehand because he has the menu and it’s all really good and I’d just instruct him that the point of this is to make her eat. Because  if you can make her eat she’ll talk. Other than that it’s all this pretention and stuff like that. The key thing is make her eat, then she’ll relax, then there’ll be some dialogue and you can get to know her and see if you’re interested in dating her beyond dinner. He’s got some great appetizers and he’ll come by and keep hitting you up – here’s this, try that – and I think it should work out really well.

What did Leach do on his first date with his wife?

Went to A&W, had just finished a rugby game, went to A&W, had a coupon book, she said ‘what are you getting?’ She’s looking at the menu, ‘what looks good? what are you getting?’ I handed her the 2-for-1 coupon book, I said ‘I don’t know, but here’s the menu.’ Seems to me we got some kind of bacon hamburger thing. She got a rootbeer freeze. I do remember that.

Would he recommend the coupon book approach to others for a first date?

It worked for me. You’ll cut the weak out of the lineup right away if you do it that way. You’ll only be involved with committed people if they’re going to do the coupon book. It doesn’t hurt. If you’re just trying to dress your life up a little and pretend you have a relationship, then maybe you don’t want to use the coupon book if it’s some kind of a volume deal. But if you want to zero in on one or two, break out the coupon book, saw off the weak right off the top so you can get down the path to find the right one. It’s worked out pretty good, because I’ve been married … I can’t remember, a long time. 30 years or something.

Tough to argue with that.

(HT: Laura)


Mike Leach Favors Cougars


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