Marcus and I are back to discuss the games we previewed last week, as well as talk about some of the exciting games on this weekend’s slate. Coaches on the hot seat and how hot those seats might be is another topic of discussion, as is our new favorite musical artist, “Mathers.”


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1 thought on “ALDLAND Podcast

  1. Nice college football coverage, guys.

    For the textually inclined, we’ve got a full writeup on the Notre Dame-Michigan game and a weekly review of college football and NFL highlights:

    I’ll push back a little on Brendan’s comment that Musburger shouldn’t have been the one to interview Mathers just to say that we should remember that Musburger is a star maker (e.g., Katherine Webb), and that the very Musburgian question about the betting line on the Lions game could’ve yielded a great response from someone as unpredictable as Mathers.

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