To what we’re listening: Root Glen’s Summer EP

Sure Labor Day is next week, high school football started last week, and August is over tomorrow, but there’s still plenty of time for summer relaxation, and Root Glen, a New Jersey-based rock outfit, can help with that.

Eric Blank (drums), Andres Gonzales (bass), Ross Griswold (lead guitar, vocals), and David Moroney (lead vocals, guitar) describe their sound as “alternative rock of a funky nature,” and I think that’s accurate. The group isn’t afraid to work out over their riffs and grooves, especially in the live setting and especially if they’ve got a dancing audience (as they always do), but the lyrics are always there too, and they come through by way of strong, musical vocal work. The combination of the bottom end– Blank’s drums always pushing ahead, Gonzales’ bass creating a complex, broad foundation– and a top side with the ability to soar on the wings of Moroney’s distinctive, classical voice and Griswold’s melodic guitar lines give the quartet a full, textured sound without getting heavy so as to bog down band or dancers.

Back in late May, the band released Summer, a five-track EP and the first of its planned seasonal releases. Summer does a nice job of showing off different sides of Root Glen, all while remaining under the broad umbrella of the summertime theme. Stream the album or purchase it by naming your own price at

I’ve been lucky enough to catch Root Glen twice, once in Philly and once in D.C., and I recommend East Coast readers in particular check their fall dates on their website. Everyone else can get a feel for their live performances here.

2 thoughts on “To what we’re listening: Root Glen’s Summer EP

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