Sensational Sporst Synergy: Clay Travis and Fox Sports

oktcfoxsportsAs of last night, Clay Travis’ Outkick the Coverage has merged with Fox Sports. The exact nature of the relationship is not clear. According to Fox Sports, “Clay Travis has officially joined as a contributor.” As Clay tells it,

Outkick the Coverage and have entered into a partnership agreeement. OKTC won’t change at all, we’ll just have a much broader audience. And those times when you try to hop on the site and we’re overloaded with traffic and you can’t get to our article?

Yeah, that won’t happen again.

Which is why is hosting our latest story.

Did that ever happen to anyone? Anyway, Clay continued (as he always does): “After a lot of conversations made the most sense and I’m excited about what’s to come.” He promises more details in the future, and for now says: “I have editorial control and Fox doesn’t want us to change at all.”

Together with MSN, Fox Sports already owns Yardbarker, which it bought in 2010, and through which it has a relationship with similar sites, such as Larry Brown Sports. Fox Sports seems to like to keep all of these formerly independent blogs underneath the umbrella of its Yardbarker Network. Major questions at this point include whether OKTC will receive the same treatment, whether OKTC itself will become a mere reverse-portal, and what it means for Clay to be a “contributor” (and why Clay did not reference that label on his own site).

As for clues about what Clay thinks– or thought– about Fox Sports, we can turn to the premiere source of information on all things Clay, Clay Travis, who in August 2012 responded to a question about ranking the major sports media outlets’ college football coverage by rating Fox Sports last among the given options, adding

I would rank Fox Sports last in its coverage of every sport. In its humor. In everything that it does online. I truly have no idea what this company is doing. is a complete and total┬ádisaster of a site. So it’s no surprise that it’s also bad at college football. It’s also behind SBNation, Bleacher Report, and even OKTC.

Less than a month ago, he wrote that he had not visited in over a year: “I barely have a conception of what [the page looks] like on direct entry.” Now that his article is plastered atop the front page of, though, it’s probably his homepage.