Great White Northern Jam

A timely observation of my Thanksgiving tradition was a casualty of my recent relocation, but I was able to restore order, albeit belatedly, this week with the assistance of Commodawg. Considering anew how a group of (mostly) Canadians had such a substantial impact on American music, I found myself wondering what group of Canadians was the most Canadian, and, in turn, what Canadian song was the most Canadian Canadian song ever.

I immediately knew the answer, having reached the conclusion some years ago. The group: the hit-making Bachman-Turner Overdrive precursor The Guess Who. The Jam:

Tell me I’m wrong.


Canadians commit most Canadian crime ever


1 thought on “Great White Northern Jam

  1. I’m not going to lie. At first I got a bit riled up. It was knee-jerk, but I was like “WRONG!”, mostly just because I’m a bit of a Canadian asshole about, well, Canadian-ness. But then I jerked my knee back in and thought about it and then I lol-ed and then I decided to swallow my I-know-better patriot pride and admit it in public: you’re not wrong, AD.

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