Monday Morning PR Quarterback

wwwThe rise of the internet fad, such as it is, presents a challenge to the viability of traditional print media. Nowhere in the world of sports media is that clearer than with Sports Illustrated, the onetime king of the written sports word.

SI hasn’t necessarily shied away from the Worldwide Web, but it hasn’t exactly been fleet-footed about it either. Here‘s the earliest archived version of, Continue reading

Bill Simmons writes a piece based upon his “stupid, indefensible, annoying and strangely addictive gimmick.” Tell me more!

As much as I hate Peter King’s writing, and as much as I enjoy KSK’s Drew Magary’s Fire Joe Morgan-like takedowns of PK’s MMQ pieces, I’ve always had the vague feeling that PK is too easy a target. A surfeit of travel, coffee, and beernerdness vignettes? Check. Repeated name droppings? You better believe it. Nuggetmania? Yes, please. Constant equivocations? Possibly, MAYBE. While this gives Big Daddy Drew the opportunity really delve into the lofty, nugget-laden soul of Peter King, I think it’s kind of unfair. PK just has no clue. It’s like picking on the kid in the remedial reading group because his short stories aren’t up to snuff. So in my continued attempt at derivative mediocrity, I take on what I’d like to thing is a much more worthy subject, Bill Simmons, who having once written under the moniker Boston Sports Guy, has since graduated to editor-in-chief of the most-pretentious-sports-blog-parading-around-as-the-Ernest-Hemingway-of-sports-and-social-commentary. Fingers crossed. So what’s the Sports Guy writing about most recently?

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