Sportsnight in the D: ALCS & MNF

For the first time in ten years, Monday Night Football was in Detroit, and following a 24-13 victory over Chicago, the Lions are 5-0 for the first time since 1956. The home crowd affected the game, helping to cause the Bears’ nine false-start penalties, and officials only had to stop play once for a foreign object thrown onto the field, which I think is pretty good, all things considered. ESPN’s decision to replace now-banished Hank Jr.‘s traditional open with a Detroit-themed segment narrated by legend Barry Sanders was a nice touch too. All of this helped distract Motown sports fans from the painful, extra-inning demise of their baseball team that concluded moments before kickoff. Even if the Tigers were healthy, I’m not sure Texas still isn’t the better team, and the Tigers certainly aren’t healthy. Down 0-2, they return to Detroit for the third and fourth games of the series. Right now, coming home is about the only thing cutting in their favor in this series. If Calvin Johnson can swing a bat, now would be the time for him to speak up.

Big Monday, big week

Weekend rain in formerly drought-ridden Arlington, TX sets up a big Monday for Motor City sports fans, with game two between the Rangers and the seemingly outmatched Tigers preceeding the Lions’ first Monday Night Football appearance in a decade. The way the ALCS has started, it probably is a good thing Detroit fans will have options tonight.

Indianapolis stayed perfect yesterday, losing to the happless Chiefs, and the Jets and Eagles look as bad as ever.

Saturday didn’t feature many close games either, as the Top 25 largely rolled. Northwestern kept Michigan close early in Evanston, but it wasn’t to be for the Mildcats. (More on that game later.) Florida never was in it against LSU, although Tiger fans were prepared for…whatever. Similarly, the Red River Rivalry looked anything like a rivalry, as Oklahoma dominated Texas, and Clemson continues to look anything like Clemson.

In the works this week: a new writer joins the site and weighs in on Michigan/Northwestern; a new music series; and ALDLAND returns in force to SEC country. Thanks for reading.

Hail “Hitler,” the Most Powerful Word in the English Language (via QuestionsPresented)

Just hours before this week’s meeting between the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football, Hank Williams, Jr., the face of the program for twenty-two years– more than half its existence– was a guest on the Fox News program Fox & Friends, talking politics with the show’s hosts. Early in the interview, Williams referenced President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, and Ohio Governor John Kasich’s golf outing this summer, calling it “one of the biggest political mistakes ever.” Why? “It turned a lot of people off. . . . That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” Williams went on to clarify that Obama and Biden are “the enemy” and endorse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. At the end of the segment, Williams confirmed that he used “the name of one of the most hated people in all of the world to describe the President.” The discussion apparently transitioned to sports after that. … Read More

(via QuestionsPresented)