Waive that flag: Alberto’s favorite things (NFL 2017 week three penalty update)

jaron brown needle

The NFL landscape is littered with protests, protests of protests, protests of protests of protests, protests over the absence of protests, and coaches thinking everyone’s mistyping “pro sets.” The league needed a shot in the arm this week, and they got from a reliable source: referees, who continue to penalize players at historic* levels:

nfl penalty flag data 9-21-17

Players may be kneeling at the sight of the American flag, but it’s time we all stood up in recognition of that yellow flag, which, slowly but surely, is claiming its rightful place of honor in our country’s favorite television series.

* The NFL Penalty Tracker has data going back to the 2009 season.


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4 thoughts on “Waive that flag: Alberto’s favorite things (NFL 2017 week three penalty update)

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