Ted Turner on the Atlanta Braves’ move to Cobb County

Former Atlanta Braves owner Ted Turner is not a fan of the team’s move to the suburbs:

ted turner cobb

Not sure about “sharp,” but those certainly are words.


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3 thoughts on “Ted Turner on the Atlanta Braves’ move to Cobb County

  1. More context from this interview:

    SBJ: “… Have you been to SunTrust Park?”

    Turner: “No.”

    SBJ: “Do you have plans to go soon?”

    Turner: “No.”

    SBJ: “What do you think of the team moving from downtown to Cobb County?”

    Turner: “To me, they’ll always be the Atlanta Braves, not the Marietta Braves.”

    SBJ: “Do you watch the team now?”

    Turner: “A little bit, on TV, but not much. But we were really successful with the Braves. We drew well, and we set a record for the most consecutive division championships. They moved to Marietta strictly because they could get money (for the ballpark).”


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