DraftKings and FanDuel finally announce inevitable merger agreement


According to this morning’s press release, the two DFS companies “are merging to create a stronger entity that can focus on growing the fantasy sports market by developing new products and features, delivering enhanced user experiences and creating an overall stronger fantasy sports community, all aimed at creating a more diverse, exciting and appealing experience for fantasy sports players and sports fans generally,” which, sure.

There already was some probably unethical data sharing going on between these companies, and with the bills for difficult regulatory battles coming due, it makes perfect sense that these companies would merge. DraftKings’ CEO will become the CEO of the new company, and FanDuel’s CEO will become the chairman of the board.  The two sites will continue to operate separately through the 2017 NFL season, integrating only after the merger has cleared all regulatory hurdles and is finalized.

If you’re still playing these games without the use of a zombie computer army, well, good luck.


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4 thoughts on “DraftKings and FanDuel finally announce inevitable merger agreement

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