Muhammad Ali: Champion of the World (via The Ringer)

z9eyq7uMaybe there was a conventional explanation provided by a heightened mutual empathy and his ability to instantly connect with others, a super skill not found in one man out of a billion. But no one who met him nor even came close to him in a crowd would deny that Ali seemed to glow, or transmit, or vibrate in some nonverbal way. You could see him with your eyes closed. You could hear him when he wasn’t speaking. … Read More

(via The Ringer)


1 thought on “Muhammad Ali: Champion of the World (via The Ringer)

  1. “A man has just died who said, ‘I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me,’ and we can start doing that now. It can be our test: An America for all of us still needs to be built. A lot of people who seem like friends today are not going to like it very much; a lot of people who believe they stand with Ali now do not, and will never. Their dreams are not his dreams, they only seem like it in the half-light of a day gone by. But to ask we must give, and we can all give something. That seems like a place to start.”

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