Previewing the 2024 Olympic Games

welcome to memphisIn news that has no one singing the blues, it was reported yesterday that the City of Memphis, Tennessee has been formally invited to submit a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games. Rather than evaluate this proposal to make a proposal critically, let’s jump right to the best ideas to emerge from the brainstorming session the Memphis Olympiad planners held yesterday afternoon.

Securing the bid…

And we’re off…



Also named as a sponsor.


Talk to me about events…


I couldn’t resist that one.

Well uh…obviously.

Oh come on.

It wouldn’t be the Olympics or Memphis without political corruption.


Let’s name some winners…


What about marketing?


And check. Atlanta does love the heck out of the Olympics.


Any controversy?

Makes sense.


How will Memphis fare as a host city?

The original Hollywood Disco.

Again, political corruption is a popular topic.

I’d be disappointed if he didn’t.
[A dozen comments about everyone getting shot.]


Moving right along to the finish, this is sure to leave a lasting, positive impression on the city, correct?


To the IOC with love and soul,
Anfernee Hardaway


Previewing the 2013 NCAA Men’s FInal Four


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