ALDLAND Archives: Why I Hate Harbaugh

To begin our Super Bowl coverage, we’ve gone to what little exists of the ALDLAND Vault for a classic Bpbrady rant that has aged well. -Ed.


Why I Hate Harbaugh

October 27, 2011

Recently AD asked me with regard to Jim Harbaugh how it was that one “Michigan Man” could so heartily reject another “Michigan Man.”  Full disclosure: my hatred for various sports stars has not always been rational.  I once hated Cale Hulse with a passion because his last name was too similar to Brett Hull’s.  More recently I have hated Sidney Crosby  for perfectly good reasons, namely his role in the Penguins’ cheating to win the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals.  I like to think that my hatred of Harbaugh is similarly justified. …Read the rest…


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