Previewing Seahawks-Falcons, strip clubs with Big Boi

A few additional thoughts:   

  • In a sort of Best In Show Syndrome, Stephen A. appears to be dressing himself out of Skip Bayless’ wardrobe.
  • The John-Clayton-ponytail rumor reached a humorously enjoyable conclusion, but I think Skip really does have a mullet.
  • What was Big Boi’s plan, exactly? The spirit-of-the-city notion is nice, but he only has two examples of the city’s spirit– strip clubs and loud fans in the Dome— and he admits the former is a detriment to the Falcons, while the latter seems moot in light of the Seahawks’ home crowd’s reputation for volume.
  • I know it’s cold in Connecticut in January and Big Boi’s coming from Georgia, but couldn’t ESPN turn on some heat in the studio for the man?
  • Russell Wilson started getting a lot of attention during the final third of the season after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III overshadowed him in the offseason and most of the regular season. Wilson deserved more attention for his play earlier in the season, but now he’s getting too much, especially vis-a-vis Luck and RG3. No one seems to be acknowledging how much better his team is than the Colts or Redskins, and how having a better team has allowed him to perform better as a quarterback and advance deeper into the playoffs.
  • Prediction: Seahawks 31, Falcons 17. Seattle is way too hot and too complete for Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Previewing Seahawks-Falcons, strip clubs with Big Boi

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