Friday Jams: MAKE PLAYS!

Some readers out there might not know that the annual Michigan State-Notre Dame game is a big rivalry game.  In fact, it is probably the biggest game on Sparty’s schedule each year aside from Michigan, and the Domers take it pretty seriously too.  They even play for a megaphone.  How fun is that?  Anyway, the point of this intro is that since it is such a big rivalry, emotions often run high postgame.  That was the case in 2006, when Notre Dame came back to win after trailing by 16 entering the fourth quarter.  This inspired Detroit-area radio host and Michigan State alum Mike Valenti to go on a tirade that will undoubtedly stand for years to come as the greatest approximately 18 minutes in radio history.  Give this one a listen, I can promise you will not regret it.

Also, since I likely won’t write anything else before Sunday, I just want to say that Jim Harbaugh still sucks.  In fact, I think this calls for another Friday Jam.  So go ahead and press play on Gridiron Heroes and weep after you realize that your favorite NFL team will never have a fight song that comes close to being this awesome (unless your favorite team is the Lions, like it should be).

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