Rainy Friday Jam

I’m slowly making my way back here from vacation, and with that and the looming football season ahead, a return to regular content is on its way. The latest ALDLAND Podcast is up on the Podcasts Page There’s also a Lyle Lovett concert report and some Olympic coverage in the can, and I plan to acknowledge the now-passed one-year anniversary of this site’s launch.

One of the many nice parts of vacation was my acquisition of a pile of new music, including three LPs of live music from the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Everybody’s Talkin’ contains a mix of originals and covers. We know that Derek Trucks places a lot of emphasis on the other artists with whom he publicly associates himself, but I still was surprised to see Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin'” receive such prominent attention, serving as the title track of the triple-live release.

I knew Neil’s song from one of my favorite live releases, Stephen Stills’ Live. There, Stills actually introduces the song by acknowledging Neil by name, which is one of the reasons it always has stuck out to me from among a pretty fluid B/acoustic side.

Here’s Neil’s original, which sets a pace suitable for a rainy Friday afternoon:

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