Wrapping up the 2011 NFL season

With Super Bowl XLVI three days rotten, it’s time to bag and tag the 2011 NFL season. Before tossing it on the heap of sports seasons past, a quick retrospective, weighted heavily toward recent events and the gimmicky.

First, in case you missed the Super Bowl for some reason, here’s the whole thing in ninety seconds:

(HT: It’s Always Sunny in Detroit)

Second, our coverage of the Big Game®:

After the jump, an infographic, a motion graphic, snipers, and more.  

How much alcohol did we really drink last Sunday? Pull off the beer goggles for a closer look at a popular infographic.

Two late-breaking sets of Super Bowl images: snipers in the stadium rafters and the ankle-healing power of LMFAO, as applied to Rob Gronkowski (here, here, and here).

Looking back on the regular season…

Remember Monday Night Football’s darkest hour?

(HT: Internet Addiction) (Where do you go when the lights go out in the Bay Area?)

Other highlights from our 2011 NFL coverage:

Finally, reader Dan submits this infographic:

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