Independent Phantasms of the Gold Rush Friday

It’s true. Dark old theaters have been the setting for music videos before. I’m still not sure why so many people lost their business over Mumford & Sons– roughly, the indie, vested, British version of Old Crow Medicine Show. I don’t understand their broad appeal as, presumably, a crossover from the neo-old-timey genre, because they don’t seem to have enough pop, or as indie acoustic rock, because songs like the one linked above never seem to reach that point of melodic-rhythmic arrival that would appear necessary for wide popularity. And anyway, I didn’t think they and the Avett Brothers did ol’ Bob any favors at the Grammys last year. (Cf.)

Enough about what’s going to get me in trouble with Magalan and Bdoyk, and onto the Jam for this Friday, which is a bit out-of-pocket for me (perhaps especially in light of the above paragraph), but which, for reasons mostly unexplained, is today’s selection. I’ve distilled my thoughts about this video into the title of this post. An additional comment on production: I like that this video is done professionally, but not commercially (either glossy, or affected rustic, for example). It isn’t absolutely perfect, but it’s way more than enough to convey the idea, and as it is, it demonstrates the reality and genuineness of the execution, which means more than pristine slickness. Finally, if old theaters are good, adding a saloon can only help.

And there’s your Critic’s Corner for the week. Have a snobby weekend.


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