Heat, light, and passion: An Australian Open preview primer

Because my schedule doesn’t allow me to watch tennis happening in any Australian timezone or even try to navigate ESPN’s website to figure out when it’s playing (it is remarkable how difficult it is to find TV listings on TV network websites), here are some previews and updates from the Grand Slam Down Under and new tennis in the new year:

Traditionally, this tournament is thought of as the lesser of the four Slams, and in its early years, many pros skipped it. If you’re not paying attention because you think today’s players don’t care though, Marcos Baghdatis politely requests that you reconsider that position:

He does not like those rackets.

Was linking to those tournament previews late on day three of the event just an excuse to post that video and write Australian-related words? Koala dingo joey fosters wombat outback platypus melbourne dodo crocodile hunter opera house kangaroo.

1 thought on “Heat, light, and passion: An Australian Open preview primer

  1. Players are paying attention too b/c the Aussie Open has the most prize money and highest attendance of any slam!

    Also, Clijsters’ haircut is ugo. Also, Isner went to 5th set OT again!

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