Pre-feast, postgame bite

Well that was a bust. I was not feeling great about this game beforehand, especially considering instability in the Lions’ run game, and I think the early injury that knocked Kevin Smith out of the game was more important to the Detroit loss than the Suh ejection, which is what everyone will be talking about. (Stafford’s multiple interceptions sure didn’t help either.) On that point, Jim Rome tweeted during the game that Suh is making it very difficult for him to continue to defend Suh against critics who call Suh a dirty player, and I have to agree.

This game was full of penaties and player injuries, and each side had a player ejected. Not a good showcase for either team. The Packers didn’t look amazing, but they didn’t have to; making zero mistakes and capitalizing on all of the Lions’ many errors was more than enough to carry them to victory and their first 11-0 start. The Lions fall to 7-4 and a tie with the Chicago Bears for the NFC wild card spot. To make the playoffs, Detroit needs at least three more wins. Their remaining schedule includes two difficult road trips: at Oakland, and at Green Bay.

It’s time to eat. Happy Thanksgiving from ALDLAND!

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