The NFL kicks off in less than two hours

Two months ago, who would’ve thought there would be a season this year? Well, probably everybody who actually thought about it. The NFL never was going to cancel this season, just like the NBA won’t miss theirs, and from the fan’s perspective (if not the media’s), the work stoppage wasn’t that big of a deal. But who would’ve thought the 2011 NFL season would look like this?

Probably not too many of you. Moreover, if told that, as work resumed and the season approached, Brett Favre was in talks with another NFL team, who would guess that the once-retired, greybearded quarterback starting in week one would be Kerry Collins?

To get you ready before tonight’s season-opening game between the past two Super Bowl® winners gets underway, or in case you get bored/drunk/distracted during the game, here’s some NFL reading for you:

Mega NFL Preview, by Grantland’s Bill Barnwell:

Parts I, II, III, and IV

ALDLAND content:

on the Oakland Raiders’ abstinence plan 
on the Philadelphia Eagles’ dream team plan
on extended holdouts’ plans (Note: please use the comment section to tell us if you know what happened to Albert Haynesworth.)
The Weekend Interview with Chris Johnson
on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Terrelle Pryor
on the terribleness of Cincinnati Browns owner Mike Brown
The Weekend Interview with Roger Goodell
on “The Ballad of Kerry Collins”
on why Mike Vanderjagt isn’t in the league anymore
on divine intervention in high-profile player contracts
on Eddie Murphy and the two-faced Detroit Lions

Enjoy the game!


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