The de facto national championship preview: The fans

College football’s de facto national championship, #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama, is tomorrow night. We’ve already previewed the coaches and players. That leaves the fans.

I am not a fan of either team, but I have seen both teams play a couple times and had a chance to observe their fans in person. I don’t remember much in particular about Alabama fans, except that I don’t care for their particular shade of redcrimson and there are some people who should not use houndstooth as a full-body-covering textile. I do remember LSU fans tailgating so hard it resulted in the permanent closing of the prime visitors’ tailgate area at Vanderbilt games.

Instead of extolling deep insights– of which I have none– about these two fan bases, and how they will affect the game atmosphere, which in turn will affect the game itself, I’ve collected (or are we supposed to say “curated” now, and what ever happened to mere “compiling”?) a few bullet-pointed items on the surely crazed fan bases of these two teams. I hereby reserve the right to add to this list without telling you I’ve done so. Reader submissions welcomed.

  • As of Monday of this week, ESPN reported that individual tickets to this game were going for $10,423.14. “Oh, and these aren’t even close to being the best seats out there. They are in the lower level of the end zone and in row 25. You can choose between seat 17 or 18. That doesn’t come with catered food or secure you from sitting behind someone who you might consider a giant.”

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Occupy Herbstreit

ALDLAND generally tries to stay above (ok, below) current political issues, but it’s tough to not notice that there’s a lot going on out there right now. The Occupy Wall Street rallies are the story of the political moment, it seems, and while it is alternatively difficult and easy to understand what they’re all about, it feels like the whole mess of it flies under the radarabove the head of the common sports fan.

Luckily for sports fans, though, they now have an opportunity to participate in Occupy Wall Street even if they don’t understand it, don’t want to understand it, don’t agree with it, or just don’t want to leave their house, thanks to a new blog called Occupy Herbstreit:
Subtitled “A Lost Gameday Fan Occupies Wall Street,” the blog collects photos of people (so far it appears to be the same person) with signs that blend the vernacular of the Wall Street protesters and the subject matter of a college sports fan. See the rest of the pictures here.