Preds Season in Review: What Could Have Been

The Nashville Predators are done for the year after losing 4-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks, playing golf now, apparently (a sports turn of phrase I somehow only just familiarized myself with). Over at THW, I glance in the rearview mirror to see if this is an expected outcome, or if the 2014-15 Preds were destined for more than a first-round loss in six games.

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Predators Struggling to Last Through Second Periods

Even as the Predators picked up a win last night (ending at a reasonable hour too), there are still some worries with the long change. The long change happens in the second period (really, considering how this series is going, I should say even periods) when a team’s defensive zone is on the opposite side of the ice from its bench.

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Predators Advancing on Chicago

After dropping an 87 minute double overtime game to Chicago in game of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Thursday (the game started on Wednesday), the Predators come back and blast Chicago back north with a 6-2 win to tie the series. With this win, the Predators have the loud-mouthed Blackhawks just where they want them.

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