ESPN: Child Actually a Man

ESPN reports: “Manute Bol’s son Bol Bol is truly a man among boys on the basketball court.” And it’s true. Just look at the video. In it, we see the younger Bol among boys on a basketball court. Bol, the man, is at least a foot taller than even the tallest of the boys among whom he is on the basketball court, and, in terms of playing basketball, mature human Bol is superior to his infantile competition in every observable way. Further confirming the ESPN report are the facts that Bol is married with children, has a mortgage and a 401k, has completed a vision quest, goes to bed early, drives a sensible car, wears suits to church, hired a CPA to do his taxes and monitor his credit score, tells lame jokes, has a union job, may go to Home Depot, if there’s time, and (actually sadly) no longer lives with his father. Bol truly is a man among boys on the basketball court.


No, ESPN, this very much could be someone’s granddaddy’s top five


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