Michigan State Final Four Preview

Michigan State’s back in the Final Four, and they take on Duke tonight at 6:09 on TBS. In the spirit of the Final Four, here are four good reads on the 2015 Spartans to get you ready for tonight’s game:

Go Green!


5 thoughts on “Michigan State Final Four Preview

  1. Was really sad to see their season come to an end, but they were pretty clearly overmatched in every facet of that game. Still, had they played better they probably would have only lost by about ten. On the whole, though, this is a group that overperformed at the absolute best time. Man, I love me some Izzo.

    • Agreed. Teams that overachieve deeper in the tournament usually are ripe for a clear and possibly ugly exit, it seems. Louisville was such a fun and nice result, Duke was a no-doubter. The run they had really was impressive though, as is the fact that they went farther than last year’s team without Payne, Appling, and Harris. I hope Izzo doesn’t get old and crotchety and terrible like Boeheim or Knight, but I hope he lasts as long in E. Lansing.

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