March Thadness is Back: Join Our Bracket Challenge Now to Win

Here we are on our thirdfourth year of the ALDLAND March Madness bracket challenge and our second year of partnering with the esteemed Baddeus Thaddeus Lenkiewicz. Who won last year? Everyone who participated, of course. Did we make good on any of the prizes we said we would offer? Maybe? Anyway, here is what we have on tap for this year.

  • 3rd Place: I will send you one of the invites I have for Google Inbox. We will mention you on the ALDLAND Podcast when it is resurrected.
  • 2nd Place: You get to come on the ALDLAND Podcast for a segment discussing Gaelic Football, so start studying up. Blog founder AD will also sign five baseball cards of your choice.
  • 1st Place: You get to come on an entire ALDLAND Podcast and we will write a post about how great you are at making a bracket. If you pay your way to Atlanta you can take in a game at Turner Field with blog founder AD and he will buy you an ice cream or a hot dog, but not both.
  • Last Place: You have to go to New York and spend an entire weekend with Bad Jeremy. If you are Jeremy, there is no penalty for finishing last, the reason for which should be obvious.

Join and enter your picks here.


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