Thad as a March Hare March Thadness Bracket Challenge

Last year marked the firstsecond year of the ALDLAND Bracket Challenge (f/k/a the Mad as a March Hare March Madness Bracket Challenge), which was won by occasional (?) reader and listener (?) Angie Cunico. Lots of blogs might get lazy and not create another Bracket Challenge. But ALDLAND is not that kind of blog. Indeed, ALDLAND is even topping last year’s challenge by involving one Baddeus Thaddeus Lenkiewicz to make this bracket challenge bigger and better than ever. Rewards below:

3rd Place: You get a shoutout on the ALDLAND Podcast! AD will take you out for fast food if you live in the Atlanta metro area. Thad will not be involved at this level.

2nd place: You can come on the ALDLAND Podcast for a segment discussing Aussie Rules Football. AD will dog sit for you if you live in the Atlanta metro area, but not for more than like a weekend, and not if it’s a really big dog or one that chews a lot of shoes or furniture. Thad could possibly meet you at a bar and talk to you about Notre Dame if you live in Boston. He will not drive, so make sure it’s T accessible.

1st place: You will be invited on the ALDLAND Podcast to discuss a broader range of topics. You will also receive a write up on the blog. AD will pen a heartfelt letter to the person of your choice. Thad might go to a Red Sox game with you, but not with you. What I’m saying is if he’s there and you’re there, he might say hi. He also might not. I guess you might get something signed by the ALDLAND staff. I don’t know, don’t push your luck.

Last place: You HAVE to go to New York and you HAVE to spend a day with Jeremy Francis. If you live closer to Chicago than to New York, substitute Gendress for Jeremy Francis.

Complete your entry here.


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