2013 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions’ future is so bright, their draft pick had to wear broken 3-D glasses

(Honolulu Blue Hat Tip to Deadspin.)

The guy from Biff’s gang thinks Ziggy Anash is a poor man’s Russell Westbrook.


3 thoughts on “2013 NFL Draft: The Detroit Lions’ future is so bright, their draft pick had to wear broken 3-D glasses

  1. That photo seems simplistic and easily explicable when compared with what’s happening in this shot following the Giants’ draft selection:

    We have:

    1. A Very Excited NYG Fan. As JWG wrote, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to attend the NFL draft. Before this morning, I couldn’t imagine a GIF like this existed, either, so maybe the joke’s on me.

    2. Disembodied Hand pushes green clover hat into the frame and in front of VENYGF. What does the hat mean? Irish? Yes, the clover. Catholic? Probably, the green. Boston? Maybe, although Pats fans likely would wear something more indicative. Something to do with the Giants’ draft pick? They took Justin Pugh, OT from Syracuse, so the answer is very much a no. Reigniting the Catholic-Protestant conflict? Possibly, although that feels like a bit much for an NFL Draft attendee. Notre Dame fan ruining it for everyone else in his attempt to keep Manti Te’o relevant? That’s it. Next.

    3. Steelers Kid With Terrible Towel (and beer!). A) Why is he standing and bobbing his towel at this moment? B) I didn’t notice the beer until my eighth viewing or so. Kid is about seventeen, right? But I guess that’s just Pittsburgh Pittsburghin’?

    4. Executive giving the quadruple-decapitation signal. As disturbing and shocking as this guy is, he is by far the most readily understandable character in this scene. A demon away from whom you cannot tear your eyes upon seeing him, sure, but he actually brings some sort of order to this minor chaos.

    5. Hidden Background Girl. Rule 17 of Good Complex GIFfing is that there is always a hidden element revealed late in the GIF that, pound-for-pound, outshines its minor role. E.g., #8 here. Cf. Dr. Zoidberg. In the image above, this role is played by HBG, dressed in a pinkish top, who is BIRGing really hard on VENYGF’s newfound attention.

    6. Go back to #4.

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