Manti and the Real Girl

In case you decided yesterday afternoon was a good time to crawl under your proverbial rock, here’s the Deadspin investigative report on how the biggest human-interest story of the 2012 football season was a complete hoax.

Here’s how we saw the day from our Twitter command center:

Whatever my views matter, I’m currently and tentatively endorsing @TeamSpeedKills’ theory in the penultimate tweet above.

As for that last tweet, that is from Te’o’s dead fake girlfriend’s account, posted last night, and has a distinctly Sarah Phillips feel. (UPDATE: Or not. Read this instead.)

For a pretty comprehensive breakdown on where we stood when those of us with normal jobs went to bed last night– which is to say, after the Notre Dame athletic director’s press conference, but before any other substantive developments beyond the Deadspin expose– and the obvious holes in the story as it then stood, read Clay Travis’ bit here.

Starting today, major developments will include Te’o’s own press conference, reportedly coming today, whatever the fake dead girlfriend’s tweet meant was happening at 3:00, and the contents of whatever investigation of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo the media can turn out.

Oh, and anybody remember Lance Armstrong?


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